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2023 Forest River Surveyor Legend

Let's explore "Sunny", the Surveyor Legend!


Family friendly and memories abound in this unique Quad Bunkhouse. The rear beds are long enough for a 7- foot person to sleep across! & Open living-area; Entertainment Center across from sofa, Dinette is complimented by kitchen storage, lots of counter space, that lead to private bedroom & family size bathroom.

Prepare for a whirlwind of fun with "Sunny," your shimmering travel buddy and home-on-wheels that beams with the joy of a thousand sunflowers! She's a gleaming, brand spanking new 2023 Forest River Surveyor who's as ready for a frolic as a labrador at a lake. Aboard Sunny, every nook is a treasure trove of pleasure and comfort. Unleash your inner master chef in a kitchen that's got more goodies than a pirate's loot, and enjoy those cherished family meals together. Transform the children's bunk room into a fortress of fun with an arsenal of games, toys, and books for endless entertainment. Your sanctuary awaits in the master suite, complete with a queen bed softer than a marshmallow and a TV for binge-watching favorite shows. But wait, there's more! When the sun dips low and paints the sky with twilight colors, it's time to fire up Sunny's outdoor kitchen. Nothing says fun like grilling under a star-spangled night sky! Remember, Sunny isn't into self-driving. We'll bring this gleaming ray of happiness to your doorstep, and when you've had your fill of fun, we'll scoop her back up. All you've got to do is hunt down a camping resort, stake your claim on a site that can fit a 35' travel trailer with 1 slide out, and ensure it has a 50 amp service. Just tip off the campground that Sunny is rolling in for the party and needs the green light for access. Our delivery package includes everything from leveling, slide-out, water, sewer, and electric hook-ups, so you can just kick back and bask in Sunny's warmth. And hey, ever thought of immortalizing your holiday shenanigans? Check out Lacie Gandy Photography. They'll freeze your vacation fun into unforgettable snaps, and guess what? A cool 20% discount awaits Sunny's guests!

Floor Plan

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